Improve Your Viewing with an IPTV Box

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is an important development in the delivery of video content. This standard allows you to watch programmatic content over the internet, including time-shifted content and video on demand. In this article we will give an overview of IPTV and discuss some options for improving your viewing capabilities. IPTV boxes offer a great way to save money over high cable and satellite costs.

A set top box facilitates the transmission of content. While Smart TV’s may have this ability built-in, there are reasons to have a separate box. A box serves as an adaptor between your internet connection and your television set. It decodes these incoming signals in order to display internet programs. Content providers that can be tied into include Dish Anywhere, Comcast Xfinity, hulu, and Netflix, etc.

A media box streams content such as movies and television shows, Netflix, linked computer, etc. An example is Apple TV, which does not stream live events, but rather streams pre-recorded events. With Apple TV, all events are compressed. If you have a high-end theater, the difference in quality could be noticeable. On the other hand, the Android box goes farther for your money and can stream live sports, etc. Since it’s open source, it can get access to many networks beyond the capabilities of Apple TV. Kodi is one of the most popular for accessing IPTV.

GUI is the Graphic User Interface. Typical choices you will see include Netflix, YouTube, Kodi, Media, Miracast, Music, Pandora, Show Box, Spotify, VideoMix, with the ability to add more.

It is worth noting that for one of these systems to work well, it is important to have a good internet service—with the money you save on cable costs, it is well-worth the price to get the best internet connection possible. Wireless works but can be problematic. Plugging into an Ethernet connection directly into your router will produce better results.

So what does a typical unit look like? The MAG254 IPTV Set Top Box by Infomir is one such box that is deserving of attention. This particular unit comes with the set-top box, a full-featured remote control, power adaptor, HDMI to video cable, AAA batteries, and owner’s manual. It supports full HDTV at 1080p. There is a USB port in the front, and in the back there is another USB2.0 port, optical port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, power adaptor port, and more. There is an option for an additional USB wireless adaptor. The remote has plenty of options to suit all of your video needs. It’s easy to connect to your television set. The main menu, for example, will display items such as: Home Media, IPTV channels, YouTube, Picasa, Internet Browser, Weather, Record manager, Download manager, Menu Guide, Settings, Lines, Sudoku, and Memory. Best of all, the price will allow you to save lots of money over the normal cable or satellite set-up.

As you can see, IPTV gives you great flexibility in what you want to watch, and when, and it allows you to save money over normal cable and satellite costs. If you would like more information about this topic, visit our website at We love to answer questions about IPTV boxes!

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